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26 August

Spirits Frequency on NTS Radio 22/08/2015

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30mins each set from Kay Suzuki & Koichi Sakai back 2 back. Alter your consciousness with spirit frequency…

3 August

Afrobuddha on Boiler Room with Hailu Mergia – Wed 5th Aug

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We’re extremely excited to witness the man’s performance live as well as playing at Boiler Room for the first time…

29 July

Spirits Frequency on NTS Radio 25/07/2015

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Just the two of us this month…. Full of Dub, Afrobeat, Disco, Jazz and all other conscious beats to dance to.


feedback for round in motion's release

  • Volcov (Neroli)

    “Excellent release…really into side A! Well done”

    - Volcov (Neroli)
  • Carlos Mena (Ocha Records)

    “Loving this release and the analogue sounds!”

    - Carlos Mena (Ocha Records)
  • Claudio Passavanti (Sunlight Square)

    “Love it! What a trip!! My favoured is A1”

    - Claudio Passavanti (Sunlight Square)
  • Thomas Pudell (Black Alley, Berlin)

    “Damn the shit is sick… love it!!”

    - Thomas Pudell (Black Alley, Berlin)
  • Mark Gilbert (Stupid Human)

    “some top work here”

    - Mark Gilbert (Stupid Human)
  • Mad Mats (Local Talk / Raw Fusion / Basic Fingers)

    “Nice analogue stuff, I’m really feelin both tracks…good stuff:)”

    - Mad Mats (Local Talk / Raw Fusion / Basic Fingers)
  • Simbad

    MONSTER! LOVE IT! Pure analog goodness !!!!

    - Simbad
  • Alex From Tokyo (World Famous)

    “This is a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL atmospheric old school machine synth EP. Both sides are great, Revolve is probably my fave. I am in orbit!”

    - Alex From Tokyo (World Famous)
  • Rob Mello

    “Loving mate. Thanks for passing it on”

    - Rob Mello
  • JAMIE 3:26 (Chicago)

    “Dope!!!Thanks for the jam….and I love machines!!”

    - JAMIE 3:26 (Chicago)
  • Nicholas (Ni/Nims/Soul System)

    “It’s super good, love both tracks, especially A1, will play it for sure”

    - Nicholas (Ni/Nims/Soul System)
  • Funkineven (Eglo/Apron)

    “A1 is Dope”

    - Funkineven (Eglo/Apron)
  • Pépé Bradock (Atavisme)

    “Thank you very much! I like em both!! will play!!!”

    - Pépé Bradock (Atavisme)
  • Nik Weston (Mukatsuku)

    “Round In Motion deliver some spiritual & hypnotic afro drumming deepness for the more discerning dance floors…..Would love to see them perform this live!”

    - Nik Weston (Mukatsuku)
  • Laurent Garnier ( F Communications)

    “Yes Yes Yes… love this. Thanks for the link. Full support from me”

    - Laurent Garnier ( F Communications)
  • Osunlade (Yoruba Soul)

    “I really love Step Into My Life! great job”

    - Osunlade (Yoruba Soul)
  • 須永辰雄(夜ジャズ)


    - 須永辰雄(夜ジャズ)
  • Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music)

    “I’m loving it…! I think we should try to get them to the studio and talk about EP..”

    - Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music)
  • Theo Parrish (sound signature)

    “That sh*t was nuts!”

    - Theo Parrish (sound signature)
  • Robert Owens

    “Great vibes”

    - Robert Owens
  • Alton Miller

    “A really good package of deepness with some heavy faves are the dubs and the atjazz mixes of “Music” and ezel’s mix of “Move On”. will get some serious airtime in my sets and radio show”

    - Alton Miller