Back to LDN after Japan Tour 2013

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Back to LDN after Japan Tour 2013

Back in LDN this week from my 2013 Japan tour… Feeling charged up!! Massive respect for all the people who I connected with on this tour especially DJ Uchikawa (Loft) for the amazing parties and your great insights, DJ Koorin & Cheeek for an adventure to the great Mt Fuji, Q, Out Of Control a.k.a. Naoki Nishida (Jazzy Sport) & Kez- YM for hooking me up with one of the dopest club in the world, Grassroots. Yako for local power and skill @ Orange, Yoshihiro Okino(KJM), Yukari BB, DJ Kawasaki and all The Room massive for such a crazy night in Tokyo, my dear Kashiwa‘s music lovers @ The Roof, Vinyl Junkies crew @ Organ Bar especially to Mr Tatsuo Sunaga for teaching me about the Taruya Shiro cartridge, my man Two Seven Clash and his lovely wife Yuri with D.U.T. massive in Osaka for such amazing experiences, awesome recommendation of Yasu from Lighthouse Records and last, but not least to all my family especially my amazing wife Christine Suzuki for endless love n support!! Love you all!













On the last 2 nights of the tour, I received 2 messages in my dreams. 1st one was “The age of duality and balancing out the both sides of brain is over and we are emerging into the age of heart. One single core part of our body that received all of our feelings and emotions as well as beating our vibration out to the universe from within. We need to follow what our heart is saying rather than following the logical left brain or the emotional right brain…” this message was really clear for me and the following night, in Koyasan, HQ of Japanese buddhism, I was shown, probably by Buddha or Kukai the founder of Koyasan, the power of Words… In the dream, I saw my words literally come out of my Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra and through my mouth as I spoke. It was a really weird feeling, but anything I pronounced all came out as a kind of energy ball from my mouth and floated into the air like ripples on water and then were materialising into their physical forms and becoming reality. Words and physical materials are connected through micro vibrating waves….. Actually, EVERYTHING is connected through vibration and I experienced it in this dream.



Adapted from slide by Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who dances on the Clouds and Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses(Teacher)

Well. The new Afrobuddha single has been mixed and is ready for mastering while Tokio Aoyama is working on the artwork… It’s gonna be a real dope release and hopefully coming out this winter. watch this space!


A new episode of Afrobuddha presents Spirits Frequency on NTS Radio has been uploaded. I was away for the tour so my partner in crime, Koichi Sakai held the decks and mic with Chief Commander a.k.a. Richmond Kessie from Yaaba Funk, showcasing his latest projects and his sick selection of rare afro funk. Listen here   Hope you enjoy Bless Kay

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