Kay Suzuki’s Consciousness is again altered and twisted by Red Bull Music Academy Alumni, Leyo from Amsterdam. 

1. Don’t B Afraid Of Da Future (Leyo Remix)
2. Step Into My Life feat. Duchy(Leyo’s Dub End Mix)

Representing Amsterdam’s eclectic music scene, Leyo and his crew run the club night, Boogieman which brought masters of boogie-ism in the city such as Peven Everett, Karizma, Atjazz, IG Culture, DJ Center, Greg Gauthier and Kay Suzuki. Not to mention Leyo’s production skill and his pure musical mindset were also approved by the world exclusive annual workshop, Red Bull Music Academy in 2008.

Leyo remixed two songs from Kay Suzuki’s album Consciousness. Don’t B Afraid Of Da Future was originally named by IG Culture without his knowledge. The true story goes like this – At the legendary party CO-OP in Plasticpeople back in the day, IG Culture’s laptop DJ system had crushed during his set and music stopped completely. Fair enough, a gentleman from the dark corner of the dance floor shouted “Stick to vinyl DJ! forget the computer!” then IG quickly recovered the system and responded, “Yo! Don’t b afraid of da future!” and played the draft version of this original track – Thus it was named after the incident by Kay Suzuki.

Leyo Remix kept the futuristic warm pad sound and its uplifting chords structure, and laid down on much more shuffled Afro house beats while emphasising the hypnotic synth riff with sneaky bleeps. Step Into My Life feat. Duchy(Leyo’s Dub End Mix) has gone even deeper twist on the original. Again, emphasised the hypnotic synth riff and slightly dubbed down Duchy’s vocals are floating on top of the settled groove afro house beats with deep wobbling baselines.

www.djleyo.com | www.herecomesboogieman.com


Released 21 November 2011
1. Don’t B Afraid Of Da Future (Leyo Remix) – GBC8U1000034
Written by Kay Suzuki
Remixed by Leyo
2. Step Into My Life feat. Duchy(Leyo’s Dub End Mix) – GBC8U1000035
Written by Kay Suzuki, Paula Crawford, Ben Hadwen and P.L. Stanislas Renouf
Remixed by Leyo

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