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Leonidas + Kay Suzuki return with more raw, deep and psychedelic grooves

A1: Revolve (7:54)
B1: Momentum (11:30)

Following Leonidas’s warmly received debut “Sequential EP”, featuring the cosmic collaboration with Kay Suzuki, “Interstellar Vibrations” (and “Interstellar Meditation”) which has won plaudits from several deep/psychedelic purveyors such as Theo Parrish, Nick the Record, Cedric Woo (Beauty & the Beat) and Manuel Göttsching (E2-E4), Leonidas + Kay Suzuki return with a higher tempo, deep, dancefloor friendly EP, without losing any of the analogue warmth and phatness that characterised the Sequential EP.

A1: Revolve consists of a series of deep, psychedelic, analogue synth sequences over an infectuous, raw, driving drum machine groove and accentuated by warm, flowing synth pads, building to a crescendo of evolving and responding analogue grooves and beats. B1: Momentum is a driving, timeless, epic 11½ minute mid-tempo deep house journey reminiscent of the best Chicago, Detroit and British acid-house/techno.

Both tracks have been created using the Roland TR-707’s sequencer triggering the analogue synths which have been manipulated live and recorded as live performances. Additional layers of analogue synths were then recorded live and layered/arranged. None of the sounds have been created or triggered using the CPU, as part of the duo’s commitment to a raw, warm, analogue aesthetic.

前作Sequential EPでの共作“Interstellar Vibrations”Theo ParrishNick The Record, Manuel Gottsching(E2-E4)と言ったディープなダンスミュージックの大物達から大絶賛を受けたコンビが前作でも全面に出したアナログシンセの質感をそのままに今回はよりドライブ感を増した直球ダンスフロアトラックを2曲収録。

A1: Revolveはサイケなシンセ・パターンが次々に表れその表情を変えながら深化していき、いつの間にかその音質とグルーヴに乗せられ未知なる次元へ連れていかれてしまうファンキーなサイケデリック・テクノ。B1: MomentumはA面よりもエネルギーレベルを更に上げた11分半にも渡るエピック作品。シカゴ、デトロイト、そして英国アシッドハウス/テクノの音響体験を昇華した壮大な音宇宙体験へ誘う。

両トラック共にRoland TR-707のシーケンスからアナログ・シンセをトリガーさせ、”つまみ”を生演奏しながら録音し、層を重ねるように更にアナログシンセを多重録音、編集。CPUで演算された音では無く発振器から増幅された電気信号による生々しい音の質感を大切にしたこのSYNQLOCKプロジェクトの哲学を最大限に体現した。


Title: SYNQLOCK Vol.1
Artist: Leonidas + Kay Suzuki
Label: round in motion (UK)
Cat No: RIM008
Format: 12” vinyl + Digital
Release Date: 29th July 2013
Distributor: Kudos Records(UK)
Written, performed, arranged, produced and mixed by Leonidas Stavropoulos & Kay Suzuki with Roland Juno-60, Roland SH-101, Roland RE-501, Roland TR-707, Sequential Circuits Prophet T8, Sequential Circuits Pro One, ARP Odyssey @ Do Tank Music Studio & Studio Sputnik.
Mastered by Frank @ The Carvery.
All rights are reserved © round in motion 2013 in association with lovetoparty.


“Thank you very much! will play!!!” – Pepe Bradock (atavisme)
“Lovely!” – Osunlade (Yoruba Soul)
“A1 is Dope”Funkineven (Apron/Eglo)
“It’s super good, love both tracks, especially a1, will play it for sure” Nicholas (Ni/Nims/Soul System)
“Nice analogue stuff, I’m really feelin both tracks…good stuff”Mad Mats (Raw Fusion)
“Dope!!!Thanks for the jam….and I love machines!!”Jamie 3:26 (Chicago)
“Dreamy feel good analogue synth action business. Deep”Nik Weston (Mukatsuku/GUYNAMUKAT)
“Loving mate. Thanks for passing it on.” Rob Mello
“Some top work here”Mark Gilbert (Stupid Human)
“This is a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL atmospheric old school machine synth EP. Both sides are great, Revolve is probably my fave. I am in orbit!”Alex From Tokyo (World Famous)
“Excellent release…really into side A! Well done”Volcov (Neroli)
“Loving this release and the analogue sounds!”Carlos Mena (Ocha Records)
“Love the analog sound! Absolutely lush!! playing/charting Revolve. really dope”Simbad (Brownswood)
“Damn the shit is sick… love it!!”Thomas Puddel (Black Alley, Berlin)
“Love it! What a trip!! My favoured is A”Claudio Passavanti (Sunlight Square)
“Great EP!! A slight departure from your usual sound but a good direction nonetheless! Pattern Mode drums here we come!!!”Tony Nwachukwu (CDR)
“Fantastic loving both sides”Nikki Lucas (Bitches Brew/Future Fusion)
“It’s great. Reminds of Carl Craig actually. Sparse and emotive!! Nice work”Felix Oram aka DJ Flix (10 Kilo, Bedrock)
“Revolve” is sounding ace..”DJ Ionik (Traveller Records / Kojak Giant Sounds, Finland)
Thanks for sending through this ace single, I absolutely love “momentum” which featured on my show the other week and I’ll be spinning throughout the summer and beyond!!” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul)
“Thanks for sending. good sound! I like revolve”Kyri (R2)

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