Spaced out polyrhythmic beats to get you into the zone…

The sophomore release from the London-based, Japanese producer and deejay duo Afrobuddha a.k.a. Koichi Sakai and Kay Suzuki is Zone – a mid-tempo percussive production with warm analog synths and drum machine sounds, bearing similarities to Wally Badarou.

Afrobuddha’s successful debut “Obame”(2011) was supported by many respected DJs such as Francois Kevorkian, Laurent Garnier, Osunlade and more. The Kakatsitsi Drummers who were featured on the track, performed with The Orb at the main stage of Glastonbury Festival 2013. Since 2012, Afrobuddha have been hosting a monthly show “Spirits Frequency” on London’s NTS Radio and continue to mix roots and electronic music with a deep spiritual twist.

The new single’s artwork, a visual expression of the music and philosophy of Afrobuddha, was skillfully illustrated by Tokio Aoyama, Japan’s rising artistic talent, who has already produced work for George Clinton, Snoop Lion, Shafiq Husayn, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley Perkins and Ras G.

Zone features Ghanaian master drummer Afla Sackey‘s thundering congas and djembe on a 3/4 time signature with occasional polyrhythm machine beats, repetitive chants and deep analog synths, giving the track a timeless hypnotic feel. The flip-side is a stripped down, minimal drum dub mix with space-bending analog delays and reverb effects that get you in a spaced out zone.

Early support from Quinton Scott (Strut Records), Cedric Woo (Beauty & The Beat), Jeremy Gilbert (University of East London/Beauty & The Beats), Lex Luca (Dysfunktion), Nik Weston (Mukatsuku), Simbad and many more.  Limited stock of 180 gram heavy weight 12” vinyl with full colour print are available for collectors!


2011年に発売した1作目では今年のグラストンベリーのメインステージでThe Orbとも共演を果たしたガーナの伝統ドラマーバンド、Kakatsitsi Drummersをフィーチャーしアナログも即完売。現在は東ロンドンの人気ラジオ局NTSでも番組を担当する彼等の今作はWally Badarou を彷彿させるミッドテンポなビートにまたしてもガーナ出身のロンドン在住ドラマー、Afla Sackeyの稲妻のようなコンガとジャンベをフィーチャーしたトライバルかつコズミックな楽曲。3拍子とポリリズムが複合したビートの上で響くスコズミックなポリシンセやアシッドラインに生チャントが加わりスピリチュアルなゾーンへと誘う。B面はドラムマシンと生ドラム、そしてそれらを操るテープディレイのみで構成されたよりサイケデリック感が溢れるダブミックス。

描き下ろしオリジナルアートワークはGeorge Clinton, Snoop Lion, Shafiq Husayn, Ras G等を手掛ける今や日本を代表する世界的な画家Tokio Aoyama氏によるアフロブッダ像。本作の音世界とアフロブッダの哲学を的確に表現したアートワークもナチュラルな質感の紙質にフルカラー印刷。両面共に45rpm1曲づつ、初回限定180gの重量級ヴァイナルはコレクター必須!

Afrobuddha meets Kakatsitsi Drummers “Obame” (2011)



Title: Zone
Artistt: Afrobuddha
Label: round in motion (UK)
Cat No: RIM009
Format: 12″ vinyl + Digital
Release Date: 20th Jan 2014
Distributor: Kudos Records

A1: Zone
B1: Zone (Drum Mix)

Written & Produced by Afrobuddha (Kay Suzuki & Koichi Sakai) & Leonidas Stavropoulos
Djembe and Congas by Afla Sackey
Vocal by Kyazi Lugangira
Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Roland SH-101 and Roland Juno-60 recorded by Leonidas Stavropoulos @ DoTank Music Studio
Drum recording by Davide Salvietti @ Hicaz Studio, Dalston
Vocal recording, programmed, arranged & mixed by Kay Suzuki @ Studio Sputnik
Illustration by Tokio Aoyama

RIM009 | © & ℗ 2013 round in motion


“Really love this new one! Deep and very funky! Drum mix really useful too. Will play it” – Quinton Scott (Strut Records)
“This 12″ is a killer. Can’t wait to play this on a proper sound system, it’s big!” – Cedric Woo (Beauty & The Beat)
“I like it – I like the drums mix especially. Would be very happy to get a copy” – Jeremy Gilbert (UEL/Beauty & The Beats)
“Cool vibes. Drum mix is my favourite here. Would look to play it on House FM” – Lex Luca (Dysfunktion)
“THIS IS FREEEESH !!! DEEEEP SHHH like i dig !! playing / charting no doubt” – Simbad (raw fusion)
 “Spiritual analog synth action & percussive deepness for 2014” – Nik Weston (Mukatsuku)

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